Our staff veterinarians possess a broad range of training and experience:

  • ACLAM board-certified.
  • regulatory compliance expertise.
  • well-versed in designing and reporting pharmaceutical and medical-device studies.

Working alongside our skilled veterinarians are:

  • Highly trained and experienced veterinary anesthetists.
  • Certified veterinary technicians.
  • Animal technicians trained and certified by the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science.

Veterinary & Pathology Consultants

  • ACVP veterinary anatomic and clinical pathologists.
  • Consulting-board certified veterinary ophthalmologist.

Distinguished Specialists from CSU

If needed, specialists from Colorado State University‚Äôs world-renowned College of Veterinary Medicine are available on a per-study, private consultant basis in the areas of:

  • orthopedic, cardiovascular and soft tissue surgery
  • radiology
  • internal medicine
  • clinical oncology
  • radiation therapy