Welcome to PreClinical Research Services, Inc.

Located in the stunning Rocky Mountain Front Range, Pre-Clinical Research Services, Inc. offers GLP and Non-GLP pre-clinical testing for the pharmaceutical and medical-device industries.

We’re tremendously proud of our 22,000-square-foot, environmentally controlled animal facilities, surgery suites and necropsy labs. However, we understand they’re only a starting point for your studies.  

Add our superior service, advanced animal care and ongoing commitment to excellence from trained and dedicated staff, and you’re assured of study success.

Designed to keep our programs supportive of product development for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, PreClinical Research Services, Inc. (PCRS) is FDA-GLP compliant, AAALAC accredited, USDA registered, and NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare Assured. To maintain regulatory compliance, PCRS’ Quality Assurance Unit conducts critical phase audits of GLP studies, evaluates internal processes and facility operations, and assures SOP and quality systems personnel training.


  • Rapid study start up – studies frequently begin just 14 days after initial meeting.
  • Strong early-discovery experience that gives you confidence in determining your lead candidate devices or pharmaceuticals.
  • We’re flexible. We work with you to design original protocols to meet your specific needs.
  • Treat animals with care and compassion.
  • Take pride in, and feel personal ownership of, a client’s study and the results.
  • Maintain the highest business standards and ethics.
  • Thrive on challenging, out-of-the-ordinary projects, while at the same time, maintain focus on routine studies our clients also require.
  • Hire staff who are genuine and sincere.
  • Work with agility, speed and flexibility.
  • Maintain frequent dialogue with clients from Day 1 to ensure they’re always up-to-date.
  • Enjoy our lifestyle next to the beautiful Rocky Mountains and encourage clients to take advantage of our magnificent setting before or after they visit to monitor studies.